6. Dec, 2017

The 'Poo Book' Blog Reviews Brave and Strong for Books On Tour

Thursday 7 December, the 'Poo Book' Blog is delighted to introduce Elizabeth Cummings and her latest picture book from the Verityville series, Brave and Strong All Day Long, as a part of her Books On Tour promotion."

The Book: Brave and Strong All Day Long

Self-published Nov 2017 by Elizabeth Cummings (author)

Illustrated by Johanna Roberts

Available to purchase online at: https://elizabethmarycummings.com/

Paperback AU$9.99

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The Intro: Welcome to the next stop on the Brave and Strong All Day Long Books On Tour #BlogDash #Day4. The ‘Poo Book’ Blog is delighted to review Elizabeth Cummings’ new picture book, based on the early life of beach trail-blazer, Fiona Borg

About the Author: The emerging star of late 2017, is Elizabeth Mary Cummings. With two new books for children released within months of each other (Dinner on the Doorstep and Brave and Strong), and a contribution to the Creative Kids Tales Story Collection (out now), this is one busy full-time writer and self-publisher. With eight books under her belt and more on the horizon, Cummings has worked hard to hone her craft and writing business.

With Brave and Strong, the author is starting to reap the recognition she deserves, with the full support of Randwick City Council behind her publication, celebrating local hero and council lifeguard, Fiona Borg. On 12th November, South Maroubra Surf Club hosted the successful launch of Brave and Strong, accompanied by an informative article on council’s website. Elizabeth has been enjoying the promotional trail for her new, summer ‘book baby’ and storytelling sessions for the book through the Randwick Council Library network.


About the Book: At a time when the children’s picture book market is more crowded than ever, publishers are espousing the attraction of ‘authentic voices’ and are more open to stories from marginalised groups than ever before, particularly in the form of non-fiction narrative.  

Brave and Strong identifies an inspirational, real-life protagonist, who represents a minority; a female lifesaver in a male-dominated field. Retelling the story of Fiona Borg’s bravery and lifelong commitment to surf and rescue, Cummings finds that ‘authentic voice’, bringing a little-known story to life in a colourful and relatable book. The moral is staying true to who you are, and overcoming social preconceptions of what girls can and can’t do

The Plot: This is a wonderfully simple tale for young readers, tracing Fiona’s childhood in the surf, teased for her pink swimsuit and surfboard, to her early rescue successes and her determination to join the surf club. Though her notable efforts, she proves to her community that she is just as brave and strong as any of the boys and commits to a career saving lives in the surf. All this at a time when many of her female peers may have felt put off by the boys’ club culture.  

Seeing the idea for this book on Elizabeth’s social media pages made me wonder why there aren’t more of these stories for children, in a culture as beach-obsessed as Australia. Cummings has hit upon a perfect niche here with not only a book containing strong role modelling for young girls but an all-important water safety message for the perils of the surf, including rips and shore dumps.  

Johanna Roberts’ clear, colourful and instructional illustrations, are striking against the white background, with effective use of space in the interior pages. It was the cover, however, that instantly drew me to the book, with its use of rich blues for the ocean and the yellows and reds of the beach safety flags; an iconically Australian combination of colours. 

Recommended For: Brave and Strong All Day Long is targeted at readers between 3 to 8 years and I can see it filling two purposes, if you look at the unique needs across this age group. With the rise of Nippers culture and beach safety in children of ever younger years, I would recommend this as a read-aloud book for parents of 3 to 5-year-olds. It’s a great discussion starter on surf safety.  

For pre-school-aged children and the 6 to 8-year-old (self-reader) bracket, it’s a clever opportunity for parents to ask their kids how they feel about perceptions of what girls can do vs. what boys can do. Brave and Strong shows that girls can do anything they put their minds to. If beach or other sport activities are up their alley, they should pursue them without hesitation.  

Teaching Points: Issues of water safety are raised in Cummings’ story and illustrated by Roberts’ diagrams of rips and rescues. Early primary teachers will no doubt find this picture book a useful resource as it encourages an awareness of the power of the surf. This is an ever-important message in a multi-cultural society with easy access to some of the most beautiful but dangerous beaches in the world.  

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