2. May, 2017

Therapeutic Qualities of a 'Pantser' Blog Post

Hello all. Welcome to May. Can we believe it's already May?

It's hard to fathom how fast the time flies. For me, it's already been 9 months since Daddy and the World's Longest Poo was published and five months since I started writing and building my author platform in earnest.

If you've been reading any of the Character Study series in my book blog the past few weeks, I want to thank you for following my work and hope it may entice you to pick up a copy of my book.

This week, I should have a fabulous new idea for my weekly blog, published Tuesdays (almost always!) but I am going to be honest and let you in on my secret. I don't...

Life has thrown my family and I some curve balls this week on the personal side and I'm back into event manager mode on the professional side (planning a Facebook party guest author slot). With emotional distractions on the right side of my brain and the analytical left-hand brain working overtime, I'm back to where I was before I became a writer - stymied in the middle of more immediate concerns.

Que sera sera!

So, while I yearn for the next clear space in my diary to get stuck back into my  short story submission for the CKT Anthology, I'm going to plough ahead with life admin and preparing for the next stage of my book's promotional campaign.

And If I'm sounding a little woe is me, I apologise in advance. I shouldn't be self-indulgent. I am actually very excited about the events of this week, in terms of opportunities for my author platform.

On Monday 1 May, I was delighted that the latest ezine issue of Buzz Words Magazine included my 'Foot in The Door' interview about my self-publishing experience. There are so many ways you can self-publish these days and I rarely ever hear anyone mention the path I took, so it felt affirming for me to tell my story - the good and the bad. I felt that perhaps I was imparting some wisdom that might help an independent author struggling with their next steps.

And as for that mention of my brain being in over-drive, I am working with the wonderful and entrepreneurial Michelle Dennise, who has kindly invited me to share part of her spotlight. It's as a Guest Author for her Where's My Sandwich Book Cover Reveal Facebook Party on Sunday 7 May (AEST).

Writing and working from home can be lonely, so so I am enjoying working collaboratively with Michelle, a very organised and proactive lady, with a collegiate spirit towards her fellow indie authors.

I'm nervous but excited about my guest slot - I have the run of the party page for 15mins at 10.40 - 10.55am (Australian EST) and I've chosen to share the debut of my book trailer video with party guests in that slot. Uploading videos to Facebook in a live interactive party. No pressure at all! Technical gods, please be with me.

The party is a new format for us indie authors but Michelle has assembled an excellent group of children's authors from the US and Australia, for book promos, prizes, author Q&A and lots more fun and surprises. We'd love it if you can join us.

All are welcome (parents, friends, kids, indie authors, trade published authors), even if you're just tuning in for curiosity sake. I'm sure some of you are thinking, how do you run a party on Facebook?

Just tune into the party page and you'll find out! For all the details and the RSVP page, please visit Facebook at the Michelle Dennise Cover Reveal Party page.

And if we reach 200 likes for the page by the weekend, author Curt Fulsty will perform a dance routine for us. A multi-talented man!

So, there you go, I feel better already writing this post and I guess that took some kind of creativity, didn't it? A true exercise in writing as a 'pantser' (i.e. flying by the seat of your pants).


As this week's post-script, I wanted to let you know that I also publish lifestyle blogs and arts and entertainment reviews for third-party blogging sites. I know my following and engagement functions on this site are limited, so if you are curious to see what other elements of life I give my writer's treatment to, please do feel free to check out (and subscribe to) my 'editor's choice' awarded musings at WeekendNotes and Sydney Mums Group.