18. Apr, 2017

Take the Quiz - What Your Toilet Behaviour Says About You

It’s World Book Day on Sunday 23 April and to celebrate, the “Poo” Book Blog continues its character study of the main players in Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo.

Last week, we delved into the psyche of the ‘toilet procrastinator’, portrayed memorably by Daddy. He's a ‘long poo-er’ and for every one of these, there is a toilet ‘in-and-outer’. It’s time to shed light on this strange dichotomy...

Let’s start with a Pop Quiz.

1. When nature calls, do you:  

a) Find the nearest available toilet, do your business and get out of there?

b) Find the nearest toilet, stick up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and leisurely take your time?

2. When there are jobs to do, or you need to get the family ready, do you:

a) Somehow manage to squeeze in a bathroom break and continue with epic multi-tasking?

b) Realise it’s all too much and find the nearest bathroom, citing nature calling?

3. And finally (although I’m quite enjoying this), what is your idea of escapism?

a) It would never be the toilet. I’d prefer a holiday in the sun.

b) True escapism is hiding away from the world, in that safe and quiet place I call the toilet.

What Do Your Results Mean?

Now, let’s psychoanalyse your results. If you scored all, or mostly, Bs, you are what is classically diagnosed as a ‘toilet procrastinator’ and you will sympathise with the Daddy character.

If you scored all, or mostly As, you are what is commonly referred to as a ‘toilet in-and-outer’ and you only need to look to the Mummy character (in Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo), to find a shining example.

When the little boy protagonist finds Daddy hiding in the loo, he seeks out Mummy for an explanation as to why. In Mummy’s eyes, 'nature calling' is just a ruse for Daddy needing some time out in the bathroom. Her interpretation of his behavior only confuses the little boy more, with wildly imaginative results.

For Mummy, a ‘long-poer’ is code for toilet escapism and while she can recognise this motivation, she can’t understand it. But is Mummy really so perfect? You’ll just have to get your copy at Lulu.com to see what the book has in store for her.

And now that we have resolved that extremely complex set of bathroom behaviours, we look forward to seeing events from the point of view of ‘the little boy’ in the blog next week.

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