21. Feb, 2017

The Little "Poo" That Could...

A new week begins and so there is hope. Will my publicist ring me to say that Good Morning America wants to interview me? Sunrise? BBC Radio? Will I sell a thousand books? 

Unlikely but I can dream, can’t I? I would be lying if I said I didn’t want these things but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy earning my stripes as a new independent author and a blog writer for WeekendNotes and Sydney Mum's Group

I’ve been inspired this week by the promotional efforts of other authors I’ve met, or connected with, on social media. I realise I have a lot of work to do. Endorsement from others in the industry is both a compliment and an important part of getting your work noticed. 

From an Australian online writers group I’ve joined, I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by Romi Sharp's Just Write For Kids and Susan Day’s Astro’s Book Adventures. Very generous of them to profile a new author, early in her publishing career. Internationally, Lenka Lee from Lenka’s List in California, interviewed me about the things that make me tick. I loved sharing about my other great passions apart from books – TV, movies and handsome actors. I’m such a fan girl! 

But what’s coming up, I hear you say? 

I’m really excited to announce that I will be interviewed by Author Georgie Donaghey (of Lulu fame) for the industry-recognised Creative Kids Tales (CKT) website. Over six years, CKT has profiled and supported many new and high-profile authors and illustrators, with a focus on promoting Australian children's and YA literature.

Thankfully, Georgie has also convinced me join the CKT Anthology writing project this year. I’m excited that I will be writing a new picture book text, as manuscript submissions and lifestyle blogs have occupied my time of late. I can't forget about my core business, after all! 

I am grateful for any opportunities I have received so far and I think there is a tremendous debt of gratitude owed to established authors who invest in promoting or endorsing new and independent authors.  

It’s a long journey ahead but I look forward to one day having enough experience and profile behind me to offer a leg up to an emerging writer. As it is now, I love meeting other indie authors online and reviewing their books. I’ve found some terrific reads and talented authors and I enjoy supporting their work.  

Next Tuesday, tune in for an insight into my inspiration for writing Daddy and the World's Longest Poo and a little more about how I came to be writing a picture book about daddies and toilets.

Have a great week.